Abrasives branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association through the exchange of cimt2021 exhibition, we found that, as an important upstream link of the machine tool industry, the abrasives industry was greatly affected by the epidemic in 2020, and most domestic Abrasives enterprises had poor production and operation conditions. In the face of challenges, enterprises have made concerted efforts to meet difficulties and achieved good expected results in innovation driven, quality improvement and efficiency increase. Since the fourth quarter of 2020, the operation of the industry has generally improved, and the order volume and product price of enterprises have increased steadily. However, enterprises lack key core technologies and & ldquo; Stuck neck & rdquo; Technical problems, high-end products are mostly imported and other phenomena still exist. 2021 is & ldquo; The 14th five year plan; At the beginning of the year, enterprises generally realized that in the face of increasingly complex and changeable market environment and & ldquo; Double cycle & rdquo; The development pattern of the industry, focusing on innovation driven, transformation and upgrading and achieving high-quality development goals, needs to adapt to the new requirements of the development of China's manufacturing industry and strive to improve the international competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the industry in recent years, domestic abrasive enterprises have increased product R & D efforts. Through the application of ceramic microcrystalline abrasive, calcined abrasive, plated abrasive, magnetic abrasive and low-temperature binder technology, some products are close to or can replace foreign high-end products in performance a key word of cimt2021 is integration, including the integration between machine tools and abrasives, the integration between host manufacturers and component manufacturers, the integration of collaborative innovation between industry, University and research, and the mutual integration and common development between upstream and downstream industries, enterprises, technology and market. At the same time, cimt2021 focuses on the most cutting-edge technology and the latest development achievements of the intelligent development of machine tool manufacturing industry. From the classic digital solutions to the new generation of intelligent products and technologies deeply integrated with the most cutting-edge information technology, the audience can fully appreciate the infinite creativity in the era of intelligent manufacturing and feel the future & ldquo; Smart & rdquo; Unlimited possibilities domestic abrasive tool enterprises demonstrated on cimt2021 with & ldquo; High efficiency, precision and high speed & rdquo; As the main characteristic abrasive products, they mainly include ceramic microcrystalline abrasive tools, tool grinding, gear grinding, strong grinding, roll grinding, crankshaft grinding, special grinding wheel for plane gear in aerospace field (for Ti alloy low-density and high-strength hard grinding materials), UB grinding wheel, paper slurry polishing wheel, be ball pore double face grinding wheel, non-woven grinding wheel, CBN diamond grinding wheel Ceramic microcrystalline corundum and other high-end products, as well as high-grade abrasives and abrasives for high-speed rail grinding, special steel stainless steel, national defense equipment and so on

1. Exhibits of some abrasive tools exhibitors many domestic abrasive tools enterprises participated in this exhibition, including Shandong Luxin high tech Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Guanyi grinding Co., Ltd., Suzhou Far East Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Subei grinding wheel factory Co., Ltd., Fuqing Rongma Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Yufeng grinding materials Co., Ltd Henan jielida superhard material products Co., Ltd., Rizhao Economic Development Zone Weston ceramic material technology Co., Ltd., Zibo Haiheng Abrasives Co., Ltd., etc. Affected by the epidemic, the number of overseas abrasive tool exhibitors has decreased, but all internationally renowned mainstream abrasive tool enterprises such as Saint Gobain, 3M and tyrolit participated in the exhibition (1) Shandong Luxin high tech Industry Co., Ltd. Luxin four sand Taishan grinding tools exhibited a number of representative products, including products used for tool grinding, gear grinding, strong grinding, roll grinding and crankshaft grinding. The grinding quality and durability of the products are greatly improved, and special products can be provided quickly according to customer needs. At the exhibition, we had in-depth technical exchanges with users such as Beijing Machine Tool Institute, Beijing Aviation Materials Institute, shaft Research Institute and Qing'an group on the selection and use of difficult grinding materials, and gained dozens of orders

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(2) Jiangxi Guanyi grinding Co., Ltd. Guanyi company brought ng / PA high-speed worm grinding wheel, guide grinding wheel, thread grinding wheel, etc., and gained a lot from the exhibition. During the exhibition, 380 visiting customers were received, 86 intended orders were reached, and 35 orders were signed in high-end manufacturing fields such as high-speed gears, precision machine tool guide wheels and precision bearings

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(3) Suzhou Far East Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. Far East grinding wheel focuses on launching a series of new products such as ceramic microcrystalline abrasive grinding thread grinding wheel, ultra precision grinding wheel, high-efficiency and low-temperature ceramic grinding wheel, as well as gear and worm grinding tools, diamond dressing roller, diamond and CBN ceramic grinding wheel, striving to provide customers with precision and high-efficiency grinding tools products and technical services, More than ten intention orders were signed at cimt2021 exhibition

< img src=' ' style='width: 500px; 'Class =' fr FIC fr DIB '> (4) Jiangsu Subei grinding wheel factory Co., Ltd. Subei grinding wheel focuses on the high-speed resin heavy-duty series grinding wheels, which are used for the grinding of ingots, billets and steel plates (especially new steel such as stainless steel and high-speed steel) As well as the cleaning of various casting surfaces, it has high efficiency and long service life. Subei grinding wheel can produce grinding wheel products with maximum diameter of 2000mm and maximum thickness of 600mm. Heavy load grinding wheel, roller grinding wheel and resin high-speed rough grinding wheel are widely used in major domestic steel companies and petroleum steel pipe companies. Their products are exported for a long time and are qualified long-term suppliers of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad

< img src=' ' style='width: 500px; 'Class =' fr FIC fr DIB '> (5) Fuqing Rongma sand? Co., Ltd. Fuqing Rongma focuses on non ceramic products, such as be tool grinding wheel, double face grinding wheel and non-woven grinding wheel series, which are used for the surface polishing of workpieces and the polishing of complex surfaces, and can replace the high-end centerless polishing wheel in Japan. Polishing and grinding is an important direction of the company's research and development. < P style =' text-align: center; '>

(6) Zhengzhou Yufeng abrasive materials Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Yufeng specializes in the production of grinding, grinding and polishing abrasives. The main products include PVA sponge polishing wheel, sponge ceramic wheel, bendable grinding plate, strong fiber wheel, glass film removal wheel, mesh matrix grinding plate, etc., focusing on the products such as internal grinding head with handle and titanium alloy grinding wheel. The handle grinding head is elastic and is used for high-precision grinding of the inner circular surface of superalloy, which meets the requirements of flexible grinding for special processes. It can polish the convex or concave parts as a whole, improve the consistency of process and products, and is widely used for machining the inner and outer circles and inner and outer grooves of high-precision bearings of high-temperature parts of nuclear power generation and aerospace engines. The special grinding wheel for pure titanium and titanium alloy has many advantages: light weight, low calorific value, no burning of workpieces, no blackening and non sticking of workpieces during grinding and polishing, high work efficiency and reducing artificial labor intensity. It is widely used in the processing of artificial joints, artificial bones and medical devices, as well as the polishing of eye frames, watches and jewelry, A large number of product orders were harvested at the exhibition

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(7) Henan jielida superhard material products Co., Ltd. jielida exhibited a high-power intelligent all-in-one machine for cutting, grinding and polishing, grinding 450mm diameter turntable bearings, and the flatness is less than 0.005mm. 37KW high-power and 1000mm super large grinding disc can process 0.2mm per minute, and the surface roughness Ra reaches 0.1 & mu; m。 Using high-power cylinder design, sew servo reducer, seven to nine section grinding program and other technologies, the precision grinding of 350-500mm diameter workpieces is realized, and the labor productivity of the enterprise is greatly improved

< img src=' ' style='width: 500px; 'Class =' fr FIC fr DIB '> (8) Weston Ceramic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in Rizhao Economic Development Zone Weston company takes the high-precision grinding tools of CNC grinding machines as the main direction of attack, showing products such as special grinding wheels for high-speed worm grinding and special grinding wheels for gear surface grinding. High-speed worm grinding wheels are grinding 862nh gears (Mn3 & times; 27 & deg;) It has a long service life. When machining 20CrMnTi and 6.5 modulus gears, the surface roughness of worm mills exported to Europe can reach Ra0 21-0.25μ m。

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(9) Zibo Haiheng Abrasives Co., Ltd. Haiheng Abrasives showed several new grinding wheels as agents& ldquo; Double stand & rdquo; And & ldquo; Kabao & rdquo; Series is a brand for different users, which can meet the needs of subdivided fields. Kabao grinding wheel has a wide range of applications, from fine to loose pore structure, and ensures the stability and durability of the grinding wheel through accurate binder selection and abrasive ratio. TG series formed gear grinding wheel and 80m / s high-speed worm grinding wheel have good cost performance compared with imported brands, and have been recognized by foreign high-end products customers who have been used for a long time. At the same time, the 53a series bearing channel grinding wheel of kabao brand is also an innovative process formula product, which provides a solution for the manufacturing of special precision bearings for aerospace communication

< img src=' ' style='width: 500px; 'Class =' fr FIC fr DIB '> (10) Saint Gobain abrasives (China) The company Saint Gobain ranked 244 among the Fortune Global 500 in 2020, and was rated as the world's 100 most innovative enterprises for 9 consecutive years. Since entering the Chinese market in 1985, Saint Gobain materials and solutions have been used in construction, transportation, infrastructure and industrial applications for & ldquo; Ultra precision and high efficiency & rdquo; Demand, focusing on the display of ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel, rail grinding wheel, combined worm grinding wheel, bearing inner and outer circular grinding wheel, bevel gear grinding wheel, etc. its innovative vitrium 3 ceramic bond has better abrasive holding power than ordinary bond. It has obvious advantages in grinding efficiency, service life of grinding wheel and machining accuracy. VORTEX2 is the latest pore structure patented by Norton. The grinding wheel using VORTEX2 technology has a high metal removal rate and is very suitable for deep and slow grinding with large feed. The combination of new abrasive, binder and pore technology makes the grinding wheel have excellent shape retention, significantly reduce dressing and greatly reduce the loss in Grinding Engineering, so as to double the service life of the grinding wheel and reduce the comprehensive grinding cost

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